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4th May, 8:00pm (Book now) Yom Hashoah 2016
5th May, 8:00pm (Book now) Challah Baking with The Rebbetzins
9th May, 8:15pm (Book now) Hebrew Reading Crash Course
11th May, 8:45pm (Book now) Yom Ha'atzmaut Party
16th May, 8:15pm (Book now) Ladies' Shiur: Tanach Tapestry
18th May, 7:15pm (Book now) US Women's Annual Dinner
19th May, 12:00pm (Book now) Let's Do Lunch!
19th May, 7:45pm (Book now) Poker Night
8th May, 8:30pm Sefirat HaOmer Service
23rd May, 8:00pm Annual General Meeting

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