Mill Hill United Synagogue, was founded in 1949, by a small group of Jewish residents who lived in the Mill Hill district. The original synagogue premises was a small house on Sylvan Avenue, which was sufficient to accommodate the very few Jewish families living in the area. As time progressed, more Jewish families flocked to Mill Hill, and it was necessary to expand the premises. By 1973, the community had grown a handful, to in excess of 300 families, and the new synagogue structure was consecrated. In due course, the old synagogue premises was developed into the Annie & Samuel Levy Hall, adjacent to the new synagogue building.


Rabbi Shlomo Cutler served as minister to the community for 33 years, and in 1993, upon his retirement, the community had grown to approximately 600 families. Today, under the leadership of Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet and his wife Chani, the community continues to grow, now in excess of 1200 members. There has been a new influx of young families to the area, and Mill Hill United has been hailed as one of the fastest growing synagogues in the UK.

There are daily services morning and evening, as well as on Shabbat, when more than 300 people attend. There are also youth services, numerous childrens services, a haskama minyan, and parallel services on the High Holidays.

The synagogue also boasts a wide array of educational and social activities for all age groups, including adult education programmes, youth clubs, friendship clubs for the elderly, Shabbatons, and much more.

Mill Hill Synagogue also has a Sunday morning school for children aged between 5 and 12. There is also a special Bar and Bat Mitzvah programme, to prepare the young boys and girls for their special celebration.

Jewish festivals are a highlight within the community and are always marked in a big way with large celebrations. Whether endless lchaims on Purim, all night dancing on Simchat Torah, or a cheese cake party on Shavuot, the events are always most memorable. Special festival programmes are always provided for teenagers and children as well.

The Synagogue is an orthodox synagogue, a constituent of the United Synagogues of Great Britain, and under the auspices of the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

Mill Hill Synagogue prides itself on leading the front by example, and always strives to be the warmest place way home. All visitors are welcome, and further information or membership inquiries are available from the synagogue office

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Different ways of contacting us, as well as details about the shul office.

The shul postcode is NW7 2JU, located off Mill Hill Broadway.

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