Archive: Ohev Shalom Bet Hamidrash Opening

In October 2014 the new Bet Hamedresh was opened. You can see some videos of the opening ceremony below.

The Bet Hamedresh is dedicated by the Minsky family in memory of Neil’s father Sholem Minsky and is appropriately named the Bet Hamedresh Ohev Shalom.
The Bet Hamedresh is beautifully appointed thanks to the generous donations of many members. 

The photos here show the transformation of the space, which has more than doubled in size, and sits 72 people, men and women, in comfort, creating the perfect atmosphere for davening and learning. 

The Bet Hamedresh is possibly the most used room in the Shul. It accommodates regular daily services, Friday night and Shabbat Mincha, Haskomah and youth services on Shabbat and Yomtov mornings, shiurim, adult education and even two cheder classes on a Sunday, with the partition closed. Its enhancement has proven a great asset to our ever growing community.


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