Keilim Mikvah: An Overview
Mill Hill’s Keli Mikva is now operational. You’ll find it at the back of the Shul, by the Succah. 
There’s no need to make an appointment to use the mikva, just unlock the padlock entering the code suggested beside the mikveh.  

Remember to avoid the area between 11am and midday as parking restriction apply.
However, if you have a substantial amount of utensils and vessels to immerse in the mikva, please call the office in advance on 020 8959 1137 to arrange on site parking.

Vessels and utensils requiring immersion

The following types of vessels and utensils need to be immersed: 
•    those made of metal or glass that you drink or eat from, cook, roast or fry in 
•    parts of mixers or blenders which come into direct contact with food
•    those made from two different materials, one of which requires immersion (immersion is normally required) 
•    china or ceramics that are glazed (immersed without a blessing).

How to immerse vessels and utensils

Make sure all stickers, price tickets, glue dots, etc are removed from vessels and utensils so they can be completely immersed in the mikva water, including any handles. 
Recite the blessing before beginning to immerse a vessel or utensil. 
If you’re immersing various vessels and/or utensils, you shouldn’t speak after you’ve said the blessing unless it’s about the immersion.  If you do talk however, there’s no need to say another blessing.
To allow the water to cover the whole surface of the vessel or utensil, move the hand you’re holding it with from one place to another or swap hands.
You can put several vessels or utensils on a tray and immerse them simultaneously. Silverware can be put in a mesh bag and immersed. If there are several pieces of silverware in the bag, move it under the water to allow all items to be fully immersed.
You only need to immerse each item once. 

The Blessing


Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the Universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us concerning the immersion of a vessel (vessels).


If you have any questions please contact Rabbi Schochet

We are grateful to Dr David and Ariella Lewis whose generous donation made the Keilim Mikvah possible.
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