• Our Services

    Central to shul life and at the heart of the community are the services which take place each and everyday.

    Every morning Shacharis takes place in the Beis Hamedresh; on most mornings, at two different times. Each evening we hold a Maariv service, and during the summer months, Mincha also takes place daily.

    On Shabbat we hold two services. An early service in the Beis Hamedresh and, for those who enjoy a longer and more traditional style, the main service is held in the main Shul. The services in the main Shul are led by a rota of various chazanim who each bring something different to the service in their own unique way, ensuring all tastes are catered for.
    Our choir performs on a regular basis throughout the year enhancing our Synagogue services. It is sometimes possible to request the choir to perform on Shabbat for a special occasion.
    The main service is also a great opportunity to hear the inspiring words of Rabbi Schochet in his weekly Sermon.

    The services are followed by a Kiddush made by our exceptional catering teams.

    Please do come and join us and we promise to make you feel very welcome.

    Shabbat Mincha
    will be approximately one hour before Shabbat terminates
    but the actual time will be as announced in Shu
    l and listed on the website.

    For full details of our service times, see the Calendar.



  • Shabbat Morning Kiddush

    kiddush-cupIf you are able to lend a helping hand for an hour or so once every 8-9 weeks on a Shabbat morning, we are looking to increase our team of volunteers to help set out the Community Kiddush which takes place each week after the main service.

    We would love to hear you!
    Please contact the Shul Office or

  • Haftorah Calendar
    Tribe have put together a guide to show what Torah & Haftorah portions are read every week.
    You can see the calendar by clicking on the links below:
  • Barmitzvah Shul Service

    If you are planning to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah at our shul, we request that you should first contact the shul office and check your date(s) with us.
    Full contact details can be found by clicking here.


    We have prepared a guide to help visitors who are attending services at our shul.
    You can view or download it by clicking 






  • Youth Services
    EVERY SHABBAT in the Bet Hamidrash (on the lower ground floor of the main shul building)
    Run by our Youth Directors

  • Children Services

    Children Services at Mill Hill run every Shabbat starting at 10.45

    Click here to read more about children services.

  • Making a Minyan
    It would help us to have more men to attend the evening minyanim.
    We would encourage members to pick a day of the week (Sun - Thurs) and commit to attend regularly on that day.
    This is particularly important for our members who are saying kaddish, to help us ensure there is a daily minyan.
    Women are also welcome to attend.
    Contact us for more details.
  • Second Morning Minyan
    If you find it difficult to attend an early morning Minyan but would like to fulfil the mitzvah of davening with a Minyan on weekday mornings, look no further.
    With a year-on-year growing community the time has come to offer a second Minyan for Shacharit. 

    This new minyan will be taking place at 8.00am in the Ohev Shalom Beit Hamedrash and will be followed by hot drinks and rogelach.
    Please check our online calendar.

  • Choral Services: Dates
    Our choir performs on a regular basis throughout the year enhancing our Synagogue services.
    For more details, see the Choir section of the website.

    Here are the upcoming dates when our choir are singing:

    Shabbat 5 May
    Chazan Yaakov ‘Yanky’ Lemmer, the internationally acclaimed Brooklyn born cantor, singer and concert artist will be leading the service, together with the Mill Hill Synagogue choir.
    The service will commence earlier than usual. 
  • Shabbat Morning - Food For Thought
    Janet & Alan Millett foyer,
    Lower ground floor,
    Ner Orre Community Centre

    Transform your Shabbat Morning!
    Men & Women welcome.

    Visit our Shabbat Coffee Bar from 10.30am
    and then stay to hear one of our talks.

    TEN Talks
    TEN minutes of inspiration and idea sharing,  starting at approximately 11 am

    Details of the next talk will be shown below. 



    Kindly sponsored by Thirsk Winton LLP
  • Youth Maariv Challenge
    UPDATE: 26 JAN 2018
    We've done it! SIXTY attendances completed! Stay tuned for details of the celebration dinner.

  • Yom Hazikaron
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