• Archive: Tehillim Seudah 2019 (Photos)
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  • Tehillim Group
    Tehilim (the book of Psalms) is an ancient text composed by King David. For thousands of years Jews have recited Tehilim for various reasons, for example when they find themselves in difficult situations personally or communally.

    We have set up a Mill Hill Tehilim Group for men and women to read the complete book of 150 Tehillim on a designated day each month. Each member of the group will be given a Psalm to read which can be read in Hebrew or English. 

    To register your interest in joining the group, please give us your contact details by filling out the form below and pressing "Submit".

    If you have any queries please contact us using this contact form .

    We hope you will join us in bringing this meaningful spiritual experience to life for our community.  

    Chani Schochet &
    Beverley Crowne


    Shul Booking Form
  • Tehillim - Introduction
    Click on the link below to listen to the talk given by Rabbi Schochet at the launch of our Tehillim Group, in which he explains the significance of reciting Tehillim.

    Tehillim - An Introduction
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