Children Services

  • Yom Kippur: Children's Lunches
    If you still need to pay for lunch that we provided on Yom Kippur, please use the form below.
    Each packed lunch cost £2.50

    The form below allows you to pay for 3 children. 
    Please complete a second time for additional children.


    NEW Booking Form
  • Shabbat Morning - TEN Talks + Coffee Bar
    Transform your Shabbat Morning!
    Men & Women welcome.

    Details of the next talk will be shown below. 



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  • CRP: Children's Services
    Full details of the process to obtain a Certificate of Religious Practice can be found in our CRP section:
  • Children's Service: Kiddush Assistance
    We would welcome any ladies who are interested in helping out with the children's services kiddushim.
    In particular during the CRP season, the services are especially busy and extra volunteers are needed.

    If you have approximately an hour and half to spare, once every three months, please get in touch with Michelle Webber by filling out the form below.

    Shul Booking Form
  • Parents' Weekly Guide
  • Songsheets - Yom Tov













  • Children Services: Overview
    At Mill Hill, we have we have a tremendous turnout at our Children Services.
    We have a great team of leaders who all do a great job with their groups each week.
    There are 4 age groups: 
    •          0-5s,
    •          Year 1-2,
    •          Year 3-4
    •          Year 5-6.
    On a usual Shabbat the start time is 10.45am to 11.30am.
    On Yom Tov they are from 11am to 11.45am
    The children really engage with the services as they are integral to its running.
    All of the children have fun and feel they are taking part in the services.
    They want to come back, week after week, so come on and join us for some Shabbat fun!
    There is no need to book, just come in and drop by.
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