Time To Explore: Pre Bar Mitzvah Discussions Year 7 boys: come and talk about some of Judaism's most epic topics
Youth: Learn To Daven A great way to spend an hour on Shabbat afternoon!
Let's Do Lunch! Join us for some lunching-and-learning with Rabbi Schochet.
Survival of a Nation Exploring Israel through the lens of 70 years. Reserve your places now.
Poker Night Our annual night of poker playing - always entertaining, don't miss it: book now!
Seniors Walking Over 70? Join us for a gentle stroll through our local area.
CRP The CRP process continues this Shabbat.
CRP: Friday Night Service A fun, interactive Friday Night experience for those registered for the CRP process
Sababa Club: Years 5+6 We run a weekly club on Sunday evenings for children in years 5 & 6
Photos & Videos Check out some memories of our recent events
Talmudic Insights Join Rabbi Dovi Schochet every Tuesday evening.
Start Your Day The Mishnah Way Join Rabbi Schochet for a weekly Mishnah shiur.
Shabbat Morning: TEN Talks + Coffee Bar Visit our Shabbat Coffee Bar and hear one of our TEN talks.
Learn to Read Hebrew Come and learn the Aleph Bet and gain confidence in reading Hebrew.
Cheder Applications Applications are now open for entry in to our cheder in 2018.
Join our choir Our choir is always looking to attract new choristers
JACS meeting JACS meets on a Wednesday afternoon between 2 and 4 pm.
Youth Kiddush Sponsorship Would you like to sponsor a kiddush for the Youth Service?
BarMitzvah Breakfast Barmitzvah Breakfasts take place on a Sunday morning.
Volunteers Get involved! There are many opportunities for you to volunteer to help out our community.
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