• CRP Online Account
    If you have registered your child(ren) for the CRP process, you can use our online system that will allow you to follow their progress throughout the process.
    You can access the system by going directly to:

    If you have already registered your child, you should have been sent log in details via email.
    If you have not received these details, please contact us:
    or call Gerry Shaer on 0208 959 1137 extension 3

    Please note it can take up to a few days for us to process attendence from last Shabbat.

  • Children's Service: Kiddush Assistance
    We would welcome anyone who is interested in helping out with the children's services kiddushim.
    In particular during the CRP season, the services are especially busy and extra volunteers are needed.

    If you have approximately an hour and half to spare, once every three months, please get in touch with Michelle Webber by filling out the form below.

    Shul Booking Form
  • Shabbat Morning - TEN Talks + Coffee Bar
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  • About the Certificate of Religious Practice

    Following the judgment in the Supreme Court Jewish schools have to adopt a religious practice test for admissions.

    Some schools will be asking you to complete a Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP), which includes verification of synagogue attendance.

    You should check the websites of the schools in which you are interested to see their specific requirements, but many are looking for attendance at synagogue.  

    Entry to Jewish Schools September 2019

    The CRP Process has ended for this year.
    We will be opening the process for 2020 school entry later in the year.
    More details will appear here in due course.

    In 2017, we held two CRP introductory evenings to explain the process and to offer the community an alternative to the morning Shabbat service. These presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

    Nursery & Primary School Presentation
    Secondary School Presentation

    You can read much more information the United Synagogue about the CRP process and about Jewish schools by clicking here.


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