• Communal Seder
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  • Pesach PopUp Restaurant
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  • KLBD Passover Information
    KLBD Passover information is now available at

    The KLBD kosher l’Pesach product search can be found here:
    This is also available as an Android app.

  • Pesach Waste Collection
    For details of the Barnet Passover Waste Collection Service, click below:
    Passover Waste Collection 2018
  • Sell Your Chametz
    You can download the form you need to fill in to sell your chametz by clicking below:
    Sale of Chametz Form

    Please send the completed Sale of Chametz Form directly to Rabbi Schochet at the address on the attached form or to Mill Hill Synagogue up to and including March 23rd .
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    We have set up a group who share in regular recital of psalms.

    Mill Hill Shul has its own Keilim Mikvah.

    All the latest information about the Mill Hill Eruv.