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    Are you planning to visit Mill Hill Shul any time soon?
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  • Guide for Visitors
    We have prepared a guide to help visitors who are attending services at our shul.
    You can view or download it here.
  • Rabbi Yitzchak Y. Schochet M.A.

    Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet arrived in the UK in 1991. Having previously served as assistant principal of Oholei Torah Boys School in New York, he assumed the position as Minister of the Richmond Synagogue in Southwest London for two years, while also teaching Advanced Jewish Studies at the Jews Free School. In 1993, at the age of 28, he was offered the position as rabbi of the Mill Hill Synagogue. His vibrancy and dynamism has resulted in a continuous growth of membership, now in excess of 1,800 members.

    He has a Masters Degree in Jewish Studies from University College London. He authors numerous articles for newspapers, magazines and journals. He served as Diary Rabbi to the Guardian Newspaper and also writes for the Jewish Chronicle as well as a very popular weekly column in the Jewish News. He has featured in The London Times as well as Time Magazine International. Rabbi Schochet can often be seen on television including BBC as a regular panelist for The Big Questions as well as CNN.

    Rabbi Schochet is a sought after international speaker on a vast range of topics. He has lectured across the world including Russia, Australia, Israel and all parts of the USA and Europe and has been rated top speaker at the National Jewish Retreat in The USA for several years running.

    Rabbi Schochet served on the Chief Rabbis Cabinet with the portfolio of the family and as chairman of the Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue. He was named by the Jewish Telegraph as one of the ten most influential Rabbis in the United Kingdom. The Jewish Chronicle recently described him as "one of the most outspoken Rabbis in the world."

    One of Anglo-Jewrys most dynamic orthodox rabbis, who has turned his synagogue into a vibrant source of religious and social activities. 
    The Jewish Chronicle
    He's extremely entertaining.. 
    The London Times
    ...the rebel rabbi doubled his synagogue attendance in four years 
    The Daily Mail


    Contact the Rabbi on Facebook (RabbiYYSor twitter (@RabbiYYS)
    or send him a message
     by using the form found on our Contacts page.

  • Our Services

    Central to shul life and at the heart of the community are the services which take place each and everyday.

    Every morning Shacharis takes place in the Beis Hamedresh; on most mornings, at two different times. Each evening we hold a Maariv service, and during the summer months, Mincha also takes place daily.

    On Shabbat we hold two services. An early service in the Beis Hamedresh and, for those who enjoy a longer and more traditional style, the main service is held in the main Shul. The services in the main Shul are led by a rota of various chazanim who each bring something different to the service in their own unique way, ensuring all tastes are catered for.
    Our choir performs on a regular basis throughout the year enhancing our Synagogue services. It is sometimes possible to request the choir to perform on Shabbat for a special occasion.
    The main service is also a great opportunity to hear the inspiring words of Rabbi Schochet in his weekly Sermon.

    The services are followed by a Kiddush made by our exceptional catering teams.

    Please do come and join us and we promise to make you feel very welcome.

    Shabbat Mincha
    will be approximately one hour before Shabbat terminates
    but the actual time will be as announced in Shu
    l and listed on the website.

    For full details of our service times, see the Calendar.



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